Health & Food Writing

Accurate, accessible, and unbiased

The first essentials when writing about health are to be accurate, informative and accessible. Ensuring the advice given is scientifically proven and unbiased, and that all facts are double checked. Lyndon's writing is engaging and informative, providing practical ideas without patronising. Tailoring his work to the readership, from science professional to consumer.

Up to date with all the latest scientific research and knowledge, Lyndon is also able to draw on a wealth of experience working with leading researchers, doctors, nutritionists and dietitians as well as complementary practitioners.

Health is too important to get it wrong and readers must be able to rely on good health advice. Lyndon’s memberships of the Guild of Health Writers and the Medical Journalists' Association help ensure this, and their codes of ethics are strictly observed.

Healthy and sustainable food for everyone

Lyndon’s maxim for food writing is the same as when making the food itself – keep it simple! In an increasingly hectic world we want food to be fresh, flavourful, and fast. Lyndon’s food writing reflects this.

His recipes keep key ingredients to a minimum. Using widely available, seasonal local produce.The pleasures of good food are at the heart of Lyndon’s writing. He engages with readers and encourages people to explore the joys of eating healthily and well, no matter where or when. Developing healthy food that suits a diverse variety of cultures and communities.

Recipes are all double tested and Lyndon is renowned for delivering copy on time and to the brief. Widely experienced in the studio, producing visually appealing food with minimum fuss. He has a great contact book to put together the whole article, from producer to plate.